Agricultural buildings that combine sensibility with uncommonly beautiful design!

A working farm or ranch is a serious business and you need structures that can meet the challenge. MetalCor Building Systems provides quality metal buildings that are designed and built to handle all of your farm and agricultural needs. Buildings from MetalCor can be used for horse barns, stables, riding arenas, sheds, workshops, equipment and storage barns, hay barns, and the list goes on.

Each building from MetalCor is individually designed and engineered to meet your exact requirements as well as local building codes. MetalCor’s rigid frame design, all-steel buildings give farmers and ranchers the most economic choice over time…while offering the maximum usable space per square foot. Our clearspan or multispan straightwall buildings are versatile enough to take on any chore, yet strong enough to stand the test of time and all weather conditions.

Custom structure on a farm

Your building can be customized to fit your special needs. Floors can be dirt, gravel, asphalt, concrete, brick, rubber brick or mats. Special drainage requirements can be met. Cubicles or stalls with brisket board and neck rails are all features that a MetalCor building can easily accommodate.

Future maintenance and energy cost considerations are a major concern and they receive major attention. Performance-proven quality materials used in manufac-turing insure savings on future upkeep and mainte-nance. A building from MetalCor offers optimal efficiency and is termite and fire resistant. When it’s time to expand, we can provide the answers. A MetalCor Building System provides the flexibility to add on in an easy and attractive way.

So, when it comes to designing and building your new agricultural or farm facilities, call MetalCor. We supply cost effective steel constructed agricultural buildings in a variety of sizes from large storage units to simple shops. We pay close attention to providing you affordable, high quality buildings that are built to last.

Building Frame Structure Hayter Turkeys
Custom structure built for Gardiner Farms
picture inside of the Gardiner Farms agricultural building
another picture inside of the Gardiner Farms agricultural building
picture outside of an agricultural building

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