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When your self-storage building project has a tight deadline, you need someone who’s fast, dependable and smart enough to find solutions to challenges. Every day behind schedule means rental money you’re not getting. MetalCor understands. By specializing in self-storage steel buildings, MetalCor Building Systems delivers a cost-effective, North American-made, efficient solution for your business.


Designed to offer customers a top quality, light gauge steel building system at an economical price. Our Cee channel and Zee Purlin system ensures ease of erection when installing our product over the competition. We want you to be confident that your facility is capable of storing your customer’s products. This is why we offer both heated and unheated options. With the necessary industry knowledge, we strive to work on a personal level to establish convenient and affordable locker solutions. We recognize the customer takes precedence, which is why we are not satisfied until you are.

Red and white metal panel storage units
Front view of red and white metal panel storage units
Angled view of metal panel storage units


MetalCor Portable Minis (MPMs) are moveable external storage units. Unlike typical portable containers, MPMs eliminate the potential for rust and leaks that commonly occur when dealing with portable shipping containers. Similar to our standard single level storage buildings, MPMs offer a seamless engineered design to securely store customers’ products and valuables. These drive-up, unheated units are available in both single door and two-door sizes.

MetalCor storage unit with one door
MetalCor storage unit with two doors


It can be hard to find a reputable interior locker supplier & installer. We have designed our system to offer developers a top quality, light gauge steel locker system at an economical price. Whether you are looking to install a self supporting interior locker system in an existing building or are starting from scratch, we have you covered.

Dymon Storage interior storage units
Hallway view of Dymon Storage interior storage units
Corner view of Dymon Storage interior storage units


MetalCor’s experienced and knowledgeable staff will give advice and direct you in the right direction. We can provide optimal building layout suggestions to ensure the highest ROI and optimize land. As with all our buildings, we provide engineered sealed approval and erection drawings, timelines to meet construction dates after permit approvals and efficient scheduling for delivery.

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We strive to help make your ideas become reality. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you from the start to ensure we bring your thoughts to fruition.
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This stage allows us to share our expertise and recommendations. Through open communication we establish a definitive structural design that meets your building expectations.

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Here at MetalCor Building Systems we utilize in house detailing to ensure the particularities of your building project are conveyed in our drawings. All of our buildings are engineered to your specific job site location and meet the necessary codes and loads of your area.
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Utilizing our own manufacturing facility located in Strathroy, Ontario gives us the ability to meet stringent material delivery deadlines. We provide you with a fabricated product that is delivered on time and within your budget.

Materials Delivered to Job Site in as Quickly as 8-10 Weeks

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