Proudly manufactured in Strathroy, Ontario our Cold-Formed Pre-Fabricated Buildings are designed to last.

Our economic design is a great alternative to wood structures and outperforms all other pre-fabricated metal buildings. Unlike wood, steel won’t be susceptible to rot, twisting, or warping. Our bolt-together system is easy to assemble and perfect for do-it-yourself projects. All MetalCor pre-fabricated buildings come with a complete set of engineer sealed drawings and are designed for either 35psf snow loads or 55psf to accommodate your jobsite location.

Cold Formed Series

CF-15 building kit

CF-15 15 ft. Wide Building Kit

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CF-20 building kit

CF-20 20 ft. Wide Building Kit

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CF-25 building kit

CF-25 25 ft. Wide Building Kit

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CF-30 building kit

CF-30 30 ft. Wide Building Kit

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Stable & Long Lasting

Tough, durable, structurally sound buildings that are capable and better able to transfer wind, snow and other loads to the foundation of the building. Structural integrity at its finest.

Cost Efficient

Assembly can be accomplished by one or only a few construction trades. Structural members are designed to near efficiency resulting in faster erection of your steel building, minimal waste of material and less-expensive field labor.

Flexible to Expand

Lengthening a pre-existing metal building, involves disassembling bolted connections in the endwall, removing the wall, and installing an additional clear-spanning frame. This allows for a relatively easy expansion.

Low Maintenance

MetalCor offers durable, easy to clean prefinished metal panels and standing seam roofs, providing exceptional resistance to corrosion and discolouration of the buildings exterior.