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Pre-Engineered Steel Building Solutions At MetalCor, we supply only the highest quality services and products when providing pre-engineered building solutions. We can engineer and manufacture to your specific needs by adding mezzanines, parapets, partition walls, glass glazing, roof top units, cranes, collateral loads, suspended ceilings, sprinkler systems or other fixtures.

Common building projects include but are not limited to:
Agricultural Buildings
Industrial Buildings
Airplane Hangers
Commercial Buildings

With over 35 years of building experience we have fabricated facilities available across North America and the means to offer our customers the most cost effective freight and quick delivery schedules.

MetalCor’s experienced and knowledgable staff will give advice and direct you in the right direction. We can provide optimal building layout suggestions to ensure the highest ROI and optimize land. As with all our building, we provide engineered sealed approval and erection drawings, timelines to meet constructiondates after permit approvals and efficient scheduling for delivery.

Roof Panels

Wall Panels


OUR Advantages of a MetalCor Building


Lengthening a pre-existing metal building, involves disassembling bolted connections in the endwall, removing the wall, and installing an additional clear-spanning frame. This allows for a relatively easy expansion.


MetalCor offers durable, easy to clean prefinished metal panels and standing seam roofs, providing exceptional resistance to corrosion and discolouration of the buildings exterior.


Tough, durable, structurally sound buildings that are capable and better able to transfer wind, snow and other loads to the foundation of the building. Structural integrity at its finest.


Assembly can be accomplished by one or only a few construction trades. Structural members are designed to near efficiency resulting in faster erection of your steel building, minimal waste of material and less-expensive field labor.

OUR Advantages of a MetalCor Building

How much does a pre-engineered cost per square foot?

It is not accurate to price a metal building per square foot since there are many factors that determine pricing. Things such as height of the building, whether the building is clear vs. multi-span, whether the building has insulation, all affect price. Price also depends on the complexity and location because building codes and loads must be met.

How long will it take to deliver my building?

From date of order it takes about 12-14 business days for approval drawings. From that time it takes 4-5 weeks to manufacture and deliver to your job site. Express delivery is also an option if you need the building quicker.

Do I need a building permit?

Each town, region, city and county has its by-laws regarding building and development and the documents required. MetalCor always provides engineered sealed drawings for construction to bring to your building department for the permit process.

Do you erect the buildings?

We do not have our own erection crew. But we do have many contacts with reputable erectors all over North America.

Do I need a foundation for my building?

Yes, a foundation and foundation design is needed. However, most buildings only require a floating slab. In most cases, you are required to find an engineer that will design the foundation with stamped drawings that MetalCor provides. Upon request, MetalCor has reputable contacts in which we can provide a foundation design.

How can I prevent condensation in my building?

Condensation occurs in every building but there are a few methods to help prevent condensation in pre-engineered buildings. Things such as insulation in the roof, a ventilation package or a product called drip stop. MetalCor offers drip stop, which is a high quality felt material that sticks to the underside of the roof panels absorbing any condensation that occurs.